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SOLAR for your HOME

The South Carolina Department of Energy

will always recommend an

in-home energy assessment

before you install solar.


The reason they recommend this action is

because it is less expensive to implement

home energy conservation


additional solar materials.

"Free Solar" does not exist.  

We've been doing this a LONG time and

we can't find that monster.  

Installing Solar is an INVESTMENT! 


You can find out how Solar works for FREE!

There are many benefits when you

take control of your utility expenses  


Learning and understanding how solar works

isn't all that complicated. 


NCIS Energy's simple consultation plan

We will show you the benefits of Solar with an

On-line or In-Home Consultation

your choice.

Why Solar?

During a Home Energy Assessment


You will learn how to: 

  • Know what a kilowatt is

  • Determine how kilowatt usage affects your pocketbook

  • Use multiple options to save a Lot of $$$ on your power bill 

  • What you can when the power goes out, so you don't have to sit in the dark

  • Make a major statement to the Utility Industry

  • Help save the environment, one kilowatt at a time

How are you spending your money?

Over the next 25 years,

based on the

average monthly cost

of your utility bill,

you are going to spend

at least this much

on electricity for your home…


Utility costs in South Carolina rose 43% from 2006 to 2015   (and even more since 2015) with no end in sight

Adding Solar to your roof  is the most cost effective way to save $$$ on your electric bill.  You do not necessarily have to have 100% coverage to benefit. 

Consider going smaller.  It's better than not going at all.  

You have access to tax credits, federal as well as state, that help offset the cost of the solar system.  It's better to put the infrastructure in place (which is the most expensive part of the process). 

You can always add panels later to increase production.

Trees and other buildings can cause shading that will limit the output of your solar installation. 

With our industry best, advanced solar design software, we can show you potential issues and provide options for getting the most out of your system.   

Book an appointment for an in-home or online initial consultation. 

See for yourself what the benefits of owning your utility company will look like.

Foggy Pier

A Solar Project should not make you feel like you are headed into the great unknown..... 

Take the tour to see what you can expect from a partnership with NCIS Energy, LLC. 

Unlike politicians, there's no bridge to no-where here. 

Cross the solar bridge with confidence when NCIS Energy is on your team.     

                                                                                    ~F.N. Costin, VP of Sales

or call 803-317-9355

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