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You will be contacted with the scheduled date and time for panel installation.

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After all design and preparations are complete, installations normally

only take 1 day.

Open Electric_compressed.jpg
Closed Wiring_compressed.jpg

Wires are pulled through the attic from the electric panel in the house.

New Breakers_compressed.jpg

Two new breakers are added to the electric panel in the house.

Under the panels_compressed.jpg

Finance companies ask for images of the install.


The Inverter (if a Solar Edge project) is installed.

Auto Shut Off_compressed.jpg

The Safety Shut-off is installed.

At the meter_compressed.jpg

The Inverter and Safety Shut-off are installed near the meter. 

Ground Rods_compressed.jpg

Ground Rods are installed to protect the solar system from lightening and to form a completed circuit. 

Installed Panels_compressed.jpg

After the install is complete, the municipality  will inspect and then the utility will inspect.  This usually takes some time, depending on where and who needs to do the inspection.  

Hammock Relaxing

As a new day dawns on your home energy conservation efforts

Pat yourself on the back for $$$$ and environment saved!

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