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I had a stained glass business in the mid-late 90's. Life circumstances changed and it got packed in a shed for when I retired. Getting close to retirement now and don't see stained glass in my future.  I moved and took the stained glass to a storage room in Dawsonville GA for my son.  He now has other interests and I want to sell.   When I priced everything back in the early 2000's I had close to $10,000 invested. 

I did a set of 3 church windows in Columbia SC. I used to do consignment in local gift stores (before Walmart took over everything).I figured out that smaller items sold more quickly and did a couple of craft shows (Jamil Temple and a community center) and made $2000 and $800 over a weekend in those shows.  (Outsold most of the folks at the community center). 

I asked my son to take pics (as he is near Dawsonville, and he didn't take enough).   I can send him back to take more or we might be able to schedule a meet so he can show you.  Keep in mind everything has been stored for a really long time in a barn basically so there will be cleaning involved. 

I have 1 bin of glass (very heavy) and a few items that I need to bring there and that will be the day that I meet you sell everything and have it removed from storage.  If you buy it, you must take all of it. 


Here's a list of some of the equipment/supplies that I can remember:  

1. Large sheets of different glass in a crate, there are 10x14 boxes of glass (maybe 20 or more - not sure), 8x8x8 boxes of scrap glass (a lot of these also).  There are a few larger bins of glass.  All kinds. I used to buy from Mt. Airy (wholesale) in Mt. Airy NC. They are no longer in business.  

2. There is at least a 1/2 box (I believe) of 1lb rolls of 60/40 solder. Maybe 10 rolls or more.  

3.  Tools, there is a soldering iron, but it's a little rough. I may have worn it out.  Plus other tools that will probably need a little tender loving care.

4. There are 2 grinders and possibly a new grinding wheel. 

5. smaller light table. 

6. I bought a "Production" cutting table from a lady who had the Applebee's contract for the glass behind the bar in their stores in the 90's.  It is made of acrylic and uses plexi-glass plates that lets you cut multiple pieces quickly.  The cutter is attached to a movable arm (my son did not take a pic of this).  The cutter wheel may need replacing as it sat for 25+ years and I tried to keep it in oil, but it was moved a few times.   

7. There is an electric foil machine that works with a foot pedal.  There is some foil although I am not sure if it is still usable.  

8. Design books - there is a bin filled with books and I found a few online still in print and I am figuring those books (at today's prices are probably worth at least $500.  Also there are 3 sample glass notebooks that I made to share at the consignment shops for custom work.  

9.  There is wire, and some lead/zinc came.

10. There are mosaic supplies and some chemicals (flux, patina) - no guarantees on the state of them.  

11. Lace, ribbon, glass nuggets of all kinds, finials, lots of bevels.  

12.  I sold a lot of hummingbirds (3 different sizes) and stained glass crosses in gift boxes.  There are a lot of parts and pieces waiting to be finished.  And there are some finished pieces also. 

13. Butterfly bodies (there are a few) and other misc supplies. 

14. Wood Sturdy Work Table

Price: $3500 or BO -  CASH ONLY  I need to sell this before the end of March 2024. If you are someone you know is interested, or needs more information, please contact Sally at 803-319-1428. 

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