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Your Solar Prep Work

Steps you should take BEFORE you add solar to your roof: 

1.  If you live in an HOA neighborhood, find out if Solar is allowed. If solar is allowed, obtain an HOA application and any applicable covenants and guidelines. If solar is not allowed, contact us and we will work with you and your HOA to get solar approved in your neighborhood.

2.  Ensure your roof is in adequate condition (no rips/tears/loose shingles/etc). Solar Panels last 25 years or more. Make sure your roof will last that long as well.

3.  Talk with your accountant to see if you qualify for the solar tax credits.

4.  Talk with your insurance provider/agent about your home's solar coverage.

5.  Get at least 3 quotes before you buy.


6.  Have your utility bill ready (with a year's worth of kilowatt usage) when the solar consultant comes to your home. This information is used to calculate the number of solar panels you need.

7.  Both decision makers should be present when the certified solar consultant arrives at your home.

8. Check with your utility company and ensure that you will receive full credit (according to what you would pay for electricity per watt if you had no solar) when your system produces more than you will use.  

ex.  SCE&G/Dominion for new interconnections only pays .03256 per watt for credits but you pay .11871 per watt for electricity.

8. We recommend a home energy conservation audit**:

Is the insulation in your attic R-38 or greater?

Do you have Solar Reflective insulation?

Is there appropriate ventilation in your attic?

Do you need replacement windows?

Are your windows and doors sealed correctly?

What kind of water heater do you have?

How's that HVAC unit running?

Has your duct work been checked?

Are you using LED Lighting?

Are you using a programmable thermostat?

Have you installed electrical outlet insulators?

Is your hot water heater wrapped?

**You don't have to implement each of these energy conservation tips to install solar, however many of the changes are low cost and can save on the number of Solar panels needed to reduce your utility bill even more.  We can even help you with a lot of these important energy conservation steps.  

Ask us and we will show you how.  

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