Recording Heat Loss at the House With In
In the winter, your interior
heat leaves the house through 
your attic. 
In the summer, the exterior
heat invades your home 
through your attic.
NCIS Energy has an attic 
energy conservation service
just for you! 
Reducing your energy needs
saves money, the environment,
and solar panels needed 
to power your home. 
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Next time it snows... ( I know, what are you thinking - this is South Carolina, it doesn't snow that much here - but if you could humor me for a moment :-) ...look at your neighbor's roofs and yours. 
The roofs where the snow melts almost immediately - they don't have good insulation in their attic.  The heat from their home is melting the snow almost as fast as the snow melts on the ground.  How does your roof look after a snow? 
Housing equipment Grenier attic storage
Attic entrances are a large source of home energy loss. 
The attic opening,
fold-down stair or doorway, and/or knee wall doors are usually
not properly sealed
against air infiltration,
causing a waste of energy in both hot, and cold weather. 
Green power cords in electric outlet on
Did you know that if you were to add up all of the heat/cooling
that you lose from exterior outlets and light switches...
Window is open, wind blows, curtain move
Those losses would add up to the equivalent of leaving a window open all year long. 
Touch your tank! 
Insulating a water heater that is
warm to the touch
can cut standby heat losses by 25%-45%
and save you 7%-16% annually
on your water heating bill.*  
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When NASA wanted to go to the moon... 
They had to find a material that would keep the astronauts protected from the extreme temperatures on the light side (260 degrees Fahrenheit)
and dark side (-280 degrees Fahrenheit) of the moon.  
They accomplished this by using solar reflective material....
NCIS Energy will do the same for your attic. 

 The NCIS Energy Attic Wrap and Seal Service  includes:

  • Wrapping your attic floor with Solar Reflective Barrier

  • Installing Solar Reflective Barrier in any knee walls and around Frogs (where applicable)

  • Sealing all outer wall interior outlets

  • Checking and sealing under all sinks

  • Installing a Solar Reflective Water Heater Wrap (includes addition of water pipe insulation to the wall)

  • Installing an Attic Door Cover


Our customers rave about how the Attic Wrap and Seal Service makes their home more comfortable and saves them money!  And we will supply referrals.     

Diagnosis and control of heat loss of a

Have you looked at your windows lately?  Have you felt them when it's cold or hot?  

They are also a source of energy loss. 

NCIS Energy can help with

replacement windows too! 


House After_compressed.jpg

Over 30+ years experience with Replacement Windows and Vinyl Siding

Windows Before and After

Give your home a beauty and energy makeover! 

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

 As a new day dawns on your home energy conservation efforts

Pat yourself on the back for $$$$ and environment saved!


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